Welcome to The Millennials [MAN]ifesto, a blog dedicated to righting the wrongs of Generation Y-Me, Y-Not, and Y-DoIHaveNoMoney.

Let me clarify, I am a millennial, a former precocious kid raised on sarcasm and truffle oil who became a teen filled with angst and self-awareness, who then became an adult who had to grow up, get a job, maintain creative integrity (whatever that means), and learn how to “be a man” in a world that simultaneously glorifies, vilifies, and attempts to reconstruct the ideals of masculinity.

What I noticed in the process is that we are at a crossroads. A lack of compassion and true intimacy have separated us from our friends, our neighbors, and the world at large, yet we engage with each other on superficial levels more than ever before. Men and Women are renegotiating the spaces they occupy and the way they engage, in beautiful ways, but ways that can leave non-progressives in a confusing and outdated time capsule.

The Millennials [MAN]ifesto is for everyone: male or female, gay or straight, young or old. It’s a collection of my observations from my viewpoint, a gay millenial man living in Hollywood and self-aware to the point of insanity. There is not a thing I do or see that does not get filtered through the lens of gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, religion, et. al. Will it always be correct? Probably not, I’m a millennial so I’m bound to fuck up on occasion. But it will be honest, and probably funny.